Press and Journal 08 February 2017

In virtually every industry, technology has transformed the way people look for professional service providers and in turn the way that businesses look for new clients. Whilst it can be slower to adopt new technology, the legal sector is no different and with the recent launch of digital brokering service, PingaLawyer, Aberdeen legal veteran Philip Argo aims to help bring together lawyers and the people who need them.

Philip explained: “In my experience people often don’t know where to start when looking for a lawyer, particularly when it comes to more unusual matters such as employment or immigration law.

“Combined with the conservative nature of the legal profession which often inhibits lawyers from marketing themselves or embracing new technology, we’re left with a bit of a gap.” He continued: “We live in a digital era where people are turning to the internet to find just about everything; believing that if it’s worth finding, it will be on page one of our Google search. “It’s true for shopping, reviews, finding tradespeople; and it’s true for professional service providers including lawyers. It’s that gap that made me wonder if there was a better way.”

PingaLawyer is far more than an online directory. The free app allows users to request a quote from local lawyers in a specific practice area, who have the capacity to take on new work. Users can then communicate through the secure site with up to three lawyers who have expressed an interest in taking on the work, with no obligation.

For law firms, becoming a member is a passive way to bring in new clients and make the most of a marketing budget.
Having been a private practice and in-house oil and gas lawyer for over 20 years, Philip anticipated that the biggest hurdle in getting PingaLawyer to market would be challenging the belief amongst firms that good clients can’t be found on the internet.

“For good reason there is a very low tolerance in the legal profession for products that are – or appear – unreliable, insecure, or otherwise fragile,” he said. “Which is why I’ve spent the best part of the past year making sure that this application is a tool that I would want to use and be comfortable using. “I’m very happy to say that it is and that there has been an excellent response from local law firms.”

After more than a year in development PingaLawyer launched in Aberdeen this week. “Philip said “Aberdeen is a city ready for fresh ideas. With progressive consumers and businesses that are responding to a need to work smarter, Aberdeen is our perfect flagship city.