We are a small but dedicated and experienced team based in Scotland and led by Philip Argo the founder, a legal veteran who has a good understanding of the legal market.


After realising that many people struggle to know where or how to begin to find the right lawyer the idea for PingaLawyer arose early 2016. Conceived as a tool to help with that matching process it became obvious it was a simple way to supplement business development efforts of law firms. We believe in the power of the internet and want to make it work for you. 


Is two-fold:

  1. To make the process of finding the right lawyer convenient and easy
  2. To support the legal community by providing a level playing field for securing new work opportunities

We wish to nurture our reputation as a fair and responsible business offering a great and convenient service to both users and providers of legal services in Scotland.

Our concept is simple.  


We provide a wholly neutral and transparent service.

We do not select which law firms will quote you. What we do is automatically notify all the relevant specialist solicitors registered to do your type of legal work as soon as you have posted your requirement. Those notified solicitors then decide if they are interested in your work and the first 3 who elect to quote are the ones who will be connected with you directly on your personal dashboard where they will provide you their quote. This is all done confidentially between you and the quoting solicitor.


We charge our member lawyers a £10 fee to get access to quote you direct on the platform: we do not take any commission and do not charge our law firms any membership fee. This means that there is minimum cost for them to utilise our platform and ensure there is no hidden cost built into your quote. Our platform is a live marketplace


We do not operate a rating service. We believe this could interfere with the neutrality of our platform and whilst service provider ratings can be helpful in some cases they can also be biased, unfair and unreliable. Our thinking is that as a starting point there should be an assumption that regulated professionals are all technically competent to undertake your work. However, where a solicitor fails to perform work to the required professional standard then the Law Society of Scotland (and their professional indemnity insurance programme) is there to protect your interests. We recommend a quick read of our article “How to get the best from your lawyer” in our Articles section to help you think about how to get the best out of your solicitor


We hope that PingaLawyer is your first choice when looking for a lawyer.